Who are we?

Trees for Greece GmbH is a non-profit organisation based in Regensburg that has been registered in the German Commercial Registry under HRB 13780 since August 2013.

The purpose of the business is to initiate and implement German-Greek projects working on the reforestation and recultivation of unused or desecrated land to protect against further soil degradation and to restore historically and ecologically valuable cultural landscapes in Greece.

Through this, we hope to promote international understanding and foster friendship between Germany and Greece, thereby helping to overcome the current economic and environmental crises.

Our projects should be a sign of the responsibility which we bear for the next generation and also help facilitate sustainable and environmentally-oriented land management for the inhabitants within the scope of the recovery of once lost natural and agricultural landscapes.

Trees for Greece GmbH is a non-profit company with no commercial intent.

Our financial basis is made up of private or public donations and grants from people and institutions who want to support our work in environmental conservation and towards creating a sustainable way of life and management methods.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our website and would be happy to answer any questions or listen to any comments or suggestions you may have.

If you would like to get in touch with us, just e-mail us at
info@trees-for-greece.org or call us at (0049) 941 4617 1389.




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