Trees for Greece plans to foster renaturation and reforestation projects throughout Greece. In order to do this, the local landowners – whether this is a town council or private property owner – must be prepared to lease out their land for this purpose for a period of 100 years, waiving the right to use it themselves and at no extra charge.

We see the main focus of the project as being in the field of renaturation of biologically barren areas and the replanting of formerly native wildlife in places that have lost this vegetation due to soil degradation and water shortages.

Furthermore, we want to support the redevelopment of traditional cultural landscapes for sustainable management with the goal of giving nature enough time to recover and regenerate under its own steam.

Before further steps are taken, all potential project sites undergo a thorough scientific examination by specialised institutes to determine its suitability and the prospects for success. Another requirement is the extensive information and public discussion process with the local residents leading to the final acceptance of the plans by the majority before setting to work on the project.




 The Plan for Generations