Trees for Greece sees itself as the initial impulse for what will hopefully be many more ensuing reforestation and renaturation projects throughout the Mediterranean region.

With the Plan for Generations we want to create a foundation that allows people who are active and dedicated to develop their dreams and skills, but that at the same time also helps to reduce the destruction of the environment by acting in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner.

We plan to comprehensively document the project launch and its continuing progress for the pilot areas on Amorgos so that this can be offered as a pool of experience to be used for future activities.

Trees for Greece hopes to offer logistical and financial support for as many other projects as possible, which, based on the idea behind the Plan for Generations, also want to help slow down the destruction of the environment and give the local residents a new outlook on life.

Every renaturation project is expected to be carried out in keeping with the local identity.

For us, this means

... that the individual projects are run self-sufficiently by the local residents

... that relevant local organisations are involved in the respective planning procedures

... that the only plants used for renaturation measures are ones that are or once were indigenous to the local
    region and which can benefit the ecosystem

... that local traditions and structures are taken into consideration, insofar as these do not compromise the actual
    objective of ecological sustainability

... building and maintaining connections and cooperation with other relevant local initiatives (of a cultural,
    economical and ecological nature)



 The Plan for Generations