A German couple who don’t want to be idle any more. Who are tired of excusing their apathy by saying that one individual cannot achieve anything by themselves anyway.

We’ve had enough!

We know that even our own lifestyle is part of the reason why the world is in the state it is.

Our total consumer-behaviour and bargain-hunting mentality has led to natural resources being continuously exploited without restraint. For millions of people, globalisation is not a blessing, but a curse. In the meantime, our ethical and moral ideals have sunk to the level of some early evening TV show. It is our generation in particular who is largely responsible for this negative development.

We both have a guilty conscience and don’t want to put up with it any longer. We want to help make up for the damage that has been done and thus give our lives a more meaningful direction.

Trees for Greece was founded as a non-profit organisation or GmbH, a limited liability company under German law. The two of us are the sole shareholders and the GmbH has a shareholders’ equity of just 25,000 EUR.

This means that the company can only be successful with financial help from external sources; naturally, it will also need additional staff to supervise the upcoming projects. We have no interest whatsoever in working for-profit, our only ambition is that our vision of as many people as possible soon being able returning to the bare essentials, by which we mean protecting nature and respecting other people, will become reality.

We have very clear ideas of everything that is needed for Trees for Greece to work successfully and are very aware of the magnitude of the task we have set ourselves.



However, despite knowing what may await us, we have still decided to go ahead with our new plan.

Everyone who wants to join us on this journey is more than welcome!




 The Plan for Generations