We worry that humankind is currently on track to destroy the natural resources that they and many other life forms on this planet need to live.

Clearly, we are not yet able to fully appreciate the severity of our damaging behaviour to the ecosystem.

When we say damage to the ecosystem, we mean the human exploitation and destruction of the entire biosphere to such an extent that the natural systems of regeneration and regrowth are so damaged that it is no longer possible for nature to balance itself out again without there being dramatic repercussions for us.

As people we are responsible for

This overburdening of our planet has already been evident for a long time in many different areas such as climate change, the reduction in biodiversity and dwindling resources.

If we want to survive, we have to change our behaviour and our way of life!

Mankind can no longer behave like a disease, which takes over the entire planet, polluting it with waste, changing its appearance and continuing in its ceaseless decimation of other species.

Without change, this behaviour will inevitably lead to our downfall.

We have to learn once more that we are a part of a whole and that, as a species, we can only survive in an undamaged environment.

Trees for Greece hopes to use its projects to help to reawaken this awareness.

We believe in people’s ability to reconsider their own behaviour and to make a change.

The basis of our project is ‘The Plan for Generations’.

We support sustainability and environmentally-responsible behaviour as the only way towards achieving a future worth living.

Today’s generations are responsible for those of the future.

We want to fully embrace this responsibility.



 The Plan for Generations