The Benefits (profiting from non-profit)

Trees for Greece is a non-profit organisation – however, this does not mean that the project will not yield any profits. These profits are to be found in a different domain from the rapid proliferation of money.

First and foremost, nature will benefit at each respective project site.

Recultivated soil

... mitigates the effects of desertification

... absorbs water

... creates new habitats

... increases biodiversity

... stabilises and protects the ecosystem – and people – from the devastating effects of natural disasters and pest

As a consequence the residents of the project site also benefit

... from an improved microclimate

... from the opportunity to cultivate fertile, regional produce again, thereby tapping into new sustainable sources
    of income

... from using gentle, environmentally-conscious tourism as a sustainable source of income

... from the creation of jobs that are close to home, future-proof and suitable for all ages and the younger
    generation in particular


On top of all this, visitors to the region will also benefit

... from a cultural landscape with much to see and do

... from enthusiastic, satisfied hosts in their holiday destination

... from the positive impact of the improved local climate on the global climate and therefore also on their own
    climate back home

... from a partner within a community of mutual solidarity like the EU who has regained their economic strength
    through domestic investment

Trees for Greece also aims to directly promote trading with the ‘fruits’ of renaturation – e.g. organically farmed produce such as olive oil or wine.

All of the proceeds from this business are to be reinvested in other charitable projects at the site of cultivation, in accordance with the company plan.

Trees for Greece works completely transparently and as cost effectively as possible. From the very beginning, the costs for administration should be reduced to the absolute minimum amount required. All revenue and expenses from the projects will be listed in detail on our website.



 The Plan for Generations