The space to live

Trees for Greece needs space ...

Firstly, it needs space in the minds of the local people and supporters of the idea around the world. Fertile soil is needed before anything can grow. For Trees for Greece, having fertile soil means having the collective recognition that we stand on the brink of catastrophe, but also the recognition that together we can do something about the impending catastrophe.

We hope to not only collect monetary support for our plans, gathered from donations from private individuals and organisations as well as public grants. Above all, we hope that people who hear about Trees for Greece carry the idea with them and ‘sow’ it in other places.

A recultivated area with reforested woodland can improve the climate and allows secondary vegetation and animals, previously believed to be lost, to re-inhabit the region, which in turn starts a natural cycle of growth, decay, fertilisation and regrowth.

For the local residents, this recultivated environment also means a more healthy place to live in, which can form the foundation for lasting self-sufficiency.




 The Plan for Generations