The work has already begun – the Cycladic island of Amorgos is the germ cell for the Trees for Greece idea. This is where the vision of starting a renaturation project originated. Following numerous visits to the region to meet important contacts, the municipal administration allocated certain specific areas of land which would potentially be available for reforestation.

The Greek environmental planning office YLI  is currently carrying out the necessary preliminary investigations to develop an environmentally sound plan for planting vegetation; this must then be approved by the Greek forestry commission.

At the end of the day though, it is of secondary importance exactly where active involvement in creating a turnaround in society and the environment has its beginnings; this is a global problem. However, we still believe that Greece is the right place, where we are meant to be.

 ... because we love the Mediterranean Sea and its islands

 ... because we have experienced the consequences of climate change at
     first hand during our visits to the region

 ... because it is German tourists in particular who have contributed to
     these negative developments for decades

 ... because we want to foster friendship and understanding between
     Germany and Greece

 ... because every time we visit, we see once again that there is a young
     generation in Greece who want to establish a new society with greater

 ... because a community of mutual solidarity like the EU works best when
     every partner has the chance to use their strengths themselves

 ... because we are collectively responsible for the evermore noticeable
     consequences of the over-exploitation of our environment and natural

 ... because we firmly believe that even small impulses can help bring
     about a change in direction, which the future of all humankind is
     dependent on


What Trees for Greece on Amorgos still needs:




 The Plan for Generations

Management for ecosystem recovery in Amorgos island

Technical Report