Do you believe that climate change has primarily been caused by us as a human race and that we can also expect to see a massive increase in natural disasters, even in our own countries?

That nature is being polluted and increasingly exploited by our way of life?

That we are destroying the natural habitats of other species and are therefore responsible for their extinction?

Are you worried about the future for your children and grandchildren?

Do you want to make a contribution towards ensuring that the world remains habitable for future generations?

There are currently (2013) around 505 million people living in Europe.

If each of us gave just one euro a month for the conservation of natural habitats, making an investment in a healthy environment, this would amount to an extra six billion euros available every year in Europe alone.

A small amount for each individual, but a huge amount of money to support all kinds of different reforestation and renaturation projects.

And another chance to turn things around

By protecting the environment and repairing the damages that we have caused. Starting in the place where the repercussions are already startlingly evident, such as the entire Mediterranean region.

Each one of us can do something. You can help too!

 Just €1 per month for Trees for Greece could make a big difference.


Give our vision a chance. You can help make the Plan for Generations a reality.

Invest €12 for 2014 and we will prove to you that you made the right decision.

Because we are going to make a change.


 The Plan for Generations